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RTV Silicone

EA Silicones - the home of high quality RTV Silicone Moulding rubber

We are a UK based importer and distributor of RTV silicone. We buy silicone in bulk to ensure we can offer the best value for money on the market.

The majority of our RTV silicone is kept in stock so 90% of our orders are dispatched the same day (Monday - Friday).

Our full range of RTV silicone can be ordered online through our ordering page

All our mould makers silicone have a long mould life, very low shrinkage and no risk of the casting material gripping the mould surface. They have all been formulated for easy mixing by hand.

- Two part RTV Silicone Rubber.
- Yields a flexible, elastic material with excellent tear resistance.
- Excellent tensile strength.
- Good polyester resistance.

PLEASE NOTE - none of our silicone rubbers are FOOD SAFE

Kits contain:
- 1 Tub of Silicone Rubber
- 1 Bottle of Silicone Catalyst
- 1 Information Sheet/Instructions Sheet

Cured Properties:
- Colour base & catalyst combined : Blue
- Mix Ratio : 100:1.5 by weight
- Working Time : 15 - 20 Minutes
- Curing time : 8 hours
- De-Mould Time : 6 Hours

Full technical data on our silicones can be found here

RTV Silicone